Not doing something you would normally do can turn out to be beneficial. There is a trend in lawn maintenance that could work in Montana and could help our bees out at the same time. It's pretty simple, just don't mow your yard for the month of May. Let the lawns grow and let the dandelions and clover bloom and that can help bees thrive and survive.

"No Mow May" Started in the UK

According to Newser the practice started in the UK, but Appleton, Wisconsin is the first city in the United States as credited to starting the trend. Not only can it help with bees, but it can help with butterflies and other pollinators. But, does not mowing your lawn in May really work to help the pollinators? According to Green Matters it can work. You will give the pollinators a chance to feed and rest. That is a good thing.

There Seem To Be More Bees Keepers in Montana

I have seen a rise in bee activity in Western Montana over the past few years. I have seen more and more hives on the side of the highways as I travel the state. I personally know people that have bees and harvest their own honey. I have been generously gifted some over the past few years and it has been fantastic.

I May Give "No Mow May" a Try in Montana This Year

As we had near record temps in Montana last weekend, my neighborhood was filled with the sounds of lawn trimmers and lawn mowers. I had other things happening that weekend so I didn't get a chance to do my own yardwork. Now that I see my dandelions starting to bloom, I have to make the decision of mowing or not mowing. I will have to rethink everything I was taught about dandelions. For me I have always viewed them as a problem, not an opportunity. It will also give me more time to enjoy my weekends without having to do yard work, at least until June. That, I consider a good thing.

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