Montana is a big state, and we rely a lot on vehicles to get from point a to point b and everywhere in between. Montana also has a lot of hard to reach places when someone is in need of road side assistance. As technology continues to progress in so many areas of our lives, the Ford Motor Company is taking a step forward in helping to create a drone technology that can help save stranded motorists with a dead battery.

Ford Wants to Use Drones To Charge Dead Batteries

According to a Barron's report, Ford has recently been awarded a patent to use drones to charge dead batteries in vehicles. As the manufacture and use of electric vehicles increases across all major brands of vehicles, Ford is seeing a need that they are thinking will need to be filled. The picture looks interesting on how this technology would be used. It also looks like this technology could be used for gas powered vehicles if they have a dead battery too.

Electric Vehicles in Montana Are Increasing

There have been reports about electric vehicles in Montana. Renters have had issues with trying to find places to plug in their vehicles. There has been an increase in the installation of charging stations throughout Montana. That doesn't seem like it will be slowing down soon, but until we can catch up to the need for charging stations, you may one day see drones in the sky off to help a stranded motorist.

It Will Be a While Before We See This Here in Montana

When technology like this is introduced, Montana seems to be one of the last states to see it actually in use. Until then, who knows what new technology will be unveiled. By the time this technology is used in Montana it may already be obsolete.

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