If you've ever been unlucky enough to get food poisoning like e-coli or salmonella, you may find you pay extra attention to food recalls. Lately, there have been quite a few food recalls, and even some products for the body that may have you tossing things in the trash. Here's a recap of recent recalls that affect Montana:

The latest recall is food-related, and if you like to eat sausage you'll want to check your fridge or freezer for some sausages that have been voluntarily recalled.

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Voluntary Recall: Johnsonville Polish Kielbasa Turkey Sausage

Last week the USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Services announced a High-Class I recall on Johnsonville Polish Kielbasa Turkey Sausage that was distributed nationwide, meaning the product can be found in Montana. The notice says the sausage may have "pieces of rubber" inside.

The specific packages affected had a Best By date of 5/17/24 or 5/18/24 and look like this:

Johnsonville Turkey Sausage

You can also confirm information fro the case labels using this information, though these also show a Best By date of 5/17/24 or 5/18/24 as well as batch numbers and item numbers:

Johnsonville Sausage Case Labels

According to the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) a Class I recall, as is the case with this product,  is the most serious kind of recall indicating harm or even death could result from ingesting the food.

The concern with this recall is that many people may have already bought the product and that's why it's important to check your refrigerator or freezer. If you do have the product with the same Best By dates throw them away. Or, the FSIS says you can return it.

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