Any time a vehicle is stolen it's a bummer. It can cost a person their job, money and it can mean a person's livelihood. In Montana we rely on our vehicles not only as a form of transportation, but a lot people use their vehicles for their jobs. We work hard and our vehicles do too. Montana comes in second behind Wyoming when it comes to how many trucks we have, according to When it comes to vehicle theft, it only makes sense, that the most stolen vehicles in Montana aren't cars. They are trucks.

The Most Stolen Types of Vehicles in Montana

If you own one of these vehicles be aware that these are the top stolen vehicles in the state of Montana.

 Number 5- 2006 Chevy Impala

Number 4-1993 Honda Accord

Number 3- 2001 Dodge Pickup  

2- 2003 Chevrolet Pickup

1- 1997 Ford Pickup

Other Cars Stolen in Montana

Just outside the top 5 stolen vehicles are the 1999 GMC Pickup and the 1999 Subaru Legacy. I am a bit surprised that a Subaru didn't crack the top five in most stolen cars. With as many Subarus on the road in Montana, I would have assumed they would have been higher up on the list. Rounding out the list includes 2000 Honda Civic, 2017 Jeep Cherokee, 2019 Ram Pickup, and finally the 2009 Chevrolet Malibu.

Montana Drivers

With as much as we rely on driving in Montana, it is pretty cool that we are some of the more polite drivers in the country. Even with the politeness of our drivers, Montana still ranks as one of the worst states for a "Summer Road Trip". If you are new to eh state of if you have been driving Montana roads your entire life, please keep safe on the road.

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