The weather is starting to change in Montana and that means heading indoors. No more worrying about keeping that "bikini bod". With fall here and winter on the way, the weather is going to cool down, so now we start to move some of our activities indoors. It also may be time to find that special someone.

 Montana is a tough state to find love.

Montana Has Some Cities That Are Better Than Others for Singles

With Montana's increase in population the past few years. More people are coming to our fair state, which means more opportunities for dating for people that are single. If you are looking for that "special someone", has the breakdown on the best cities in Montana for singles. According to their report Montana also ranks in the top ten states in the nation with people over the age of 18 that aren't married, or in a serious relationship.

University Towns are The Tops

  1. Dillon- University of Montana Western
  2. Missoula- University of Montana
  3. Bozeman- Montana State University

Schools Help But Aren't a Necessity

After you get out of the major University towns comes other Montana cities that offer single opportunities. Coming in at number four on their list is Laurel, Montana, followed by Billings, rounding out the top five.

The Rest of the Top Ten Cities in Montana For Singles

To round out the top ten, there is Great Falls, Libby, Whitefish, Helena and Kalispell. The study looked at things like, night life, affordability and median age. If you are planning on moving to Montana and are looking for love you may want to check these places out.

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