Montana isn't quite the home of 10,000 lakes, like Minnesota, but we have our fair share and most of them are spectacular. So how can someone decide which of our lakes is the most beautiful with the choices we have?

Most Beautiful Lake in Every State

Someone attempted to do just that, they have named the "Most Beautiful Lake in Every State". Montana's choice of "Most Beautiful Lake" may be surprising, it was not the first lake that I thought of.

It Isn't Flathead Lake

Normally when I think Montana and lake the first one that pops into my head is Flathead Lake. With it being the biggest fresh water lake west of the Mississippi and with the views of the Mission Mountains and with Glacier National Park to the north, it would make sense to get the title, It didn't.

It Isn't Lake McDonald

Another lake that I thought would be in contention would be Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park. That is another amazing lake, and with it being in the park, it doesn't get as much traffic as Flathead Lake. Lake McDonald wasn't named the most beautiful either.

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It Isn't Holland Lake

One of my favorite lakes to visit is Holland Lake. It is another lake that is spectacular, it is a smaller lake, but has, in my opinion, one of the best hikes in Western Montana. The hike to Holland Lake Falls is an easy hike, for me, and it is worth it. It is a beautiful beautiful. That didn't make the top spot for Montana either.

The Answer May Surprise You

Montana's Most Beautiful Lake, according to Love Exploring, is Quake Lake. This, to me, is also the spookiest lake in Montana. The one and only time I visited Quake Lake, I got a weird feeling and just wanted to get out of there, regardless of the beauty.

Montana's Spookiest Lake

Quake Lake was formed by an earthquake on August, 17th 1959 that also caused 28 deaths. When you visit Quake Lake you can see where part of the mountain came down to help form the lake on the Madison River. There are also a lot of dead trees that stick out of the lake. It is one place in Montana that gave me a case of the heebie-jeebies. 

Others Can Enjoy this Beautiful Lake

I won't argue of the beauty of the lake, because "beauty" is subjective. What I will say is that I have been there, I have seen it, and I won't be going back to it any time soon.

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