Every once in a while a good scare can be fun. It can get the adrenaline surging and the heart racing. Once the feeling is gone it can be a relief and it can help remind you that you are alive. For me the best kind of scare is when you can laugh when it is done.

Montana Has Places That Feel Wrong

Montana is an amazing place and is filled with some epic landscapes and many historic buildings. Occasionally there are places in our state that when you visit them you just get a strange feeling. Something just feels a little "off". Then there are the places that are just downright scary.

One Montana Place Freaked Me Out

There has been one such place for me in Montana. A place that I couldn't get out of fast enough. The interesting thing, for me, was that it didn't really bother anyone else I was with. To some it is a very beautiful and picturesque place, but for me it gave me the "heebie-jeebies". I am talking about Quake Lake, Montana. When I visited the lake there was just something that freaked me out and I couldn't get out of there fast enough.

What Places in Montana Give You the "Heebie-Jeebies?"

It got me curious as to what other places in Montana that make someone feel uncomfortable. We asked our listeners "What places in Montana give you the heebie-jeebies?" Here are the places where they don't want to go.

Dave- "The Old Prison in Deer Lodge."

Emily- "The Original Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge and Garnet Ghost Town."

Cheryl- "Old Prison in Deer Lodge"

Robyn- "Pattee Canyon"

Darcy- "The small cemetery in Cyr. Not sure if it's because of positive or negative energies, but definitely makes the hair on my arms and neck raise."

Kristi- "The Potter Place. Mostly neglected now."

Chauntel- "Boulder Hot Springs."

Ashley- "The State Capital Building in Helena."

Chris- "Walking in the westside (Bitterroot) woods after you've heard a mountain lion scream."

Crystal- "I have one living on my back hill and it's a terrible sound" (replying to Chris about the mountain lion).

Jill- "Custer Battle Field."

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Not Every Spot is Serious in Montana

Not everybody answered seriously, there is sometimes humor in a good scare. Not everybody likes to work either.

Alex- "The place I worked today."

Bjorn- "The Idaho border."

Not everyone is a fan of Missoula.

Rob- "Missoula."

Yvette- "Missoula"

Go Griz

Then you need to have at least one Griz fan chime in on the fun.

Terry- "Bobcat Stadium, don't hate."

So far there has only been the one place for me that has given me the "heebie-jeebies" in Montana. Then again I haven't had a chance to visit the Old Prison in Deer Lodge, yet.

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