Montana, the fourth biggest state in the nation, is a state that relies a lot on personal transportation. The price of cars and trucks have gone up over the past few years. With the cost of living in Montana continuing to rise and with some property tax due at the end of the month, buying a new car isn't in the cards for a lot of people.

More People are Hanging Onto Their Cars Longer, Including Montanans

According to a recent survey from the Associated Press, more people are holding onto their older cars longer. According to ValuePenguin, Montana comes in at number seven for the state with the oldest vehicles, with the average vehicle age at 7.52 years old. According to that report Idaho, South Dakota and Wyoming are the top three states with the oldest vehicles. They all border Montana.

My Vehicles are Above The Average

I am very much above average when it comes to the age of my vehicles. My newest vehicle is a 2012, that would make it 11 years old. My other vehicle is a 2003, I can't believe it is already over 20 years old. Both of my vehicles are over the average age of vehicles. I didn't even realize how old my vehicles were until I read the stories. My 2012 vehicle still seems like a "new" vehicle to me.

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How Old Is Your Car?

We asked our listeners how old their vehicles are and a majority of the answers were also above the average age for vehicles in the United States.

  • "My pickup is 70 & my pony is 53"- Bill
  • "My truck is 43, my wife's car is 16 and our road car is 10"- Hal
  • "My truck is gonna be 60 next year! My family car however, that my kids ride in, is only 7 Years old lol"- Batmom
  • "5yrs"- Celia
  • "17 yrs, I've had her 15 yrs"- Janel
  • "9 years old"- Nick
  • "3 years."- Lyndsey
  • "My daily driver and 88 bronco 2 35 years old with 83,000 miles"- John
  • "22 years"- Korena
  • "13 years" - Shana
  • "15 years the other is 7 years."- Valerie
  • "26"- Kim
  • "57. Owned it for 43 yrs" - Owen
  • "5 yrs." - Aaron
  • "11 yrs." - Cheryl
  • "88 K5 pushing 200k is 35 years old."- Jacob
  • "16 years"- Michelle
  • "8 years and 20 years."- Jessica
  • "24 years."- Randiea

Montanans Hold Onto Their Cars

As you can see, according to our informal survey, a majority of Montana car owners have vehicles over the average age of cars. Some would even be considered "Classics". Be safe on the roads this summer travel season, because no one wants to have to buy a new vehicle these days.

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