In Montana we rely on our vehicles. We use them to work and to travel this expansive state. Having the 4th biggest state in the nation adds the miles to get around. In Montana we also have a tendency to hang onto our vehicles longer than most. According to ValuePenguin, Montana ranks as the 7th state with the oldest vehicles.

Montana Buys Older Used Vehicles

Also according to their report, Montana ranks as one of the top 10 states that purchase older used vehicles. I have never purchased a brand new car in my life, every car I have ever owned has been used. I have tried to take care of them, but the older they get the more difficult it is to keep them on the road.

My Montana Rig Has over 230k

My oldest vehicle is a 2003 Toyota Sienna mini-van. No need to judge, I am aware of what I drive. The odometer has 239116 miles on it and this summer the AC went out. It continues to run and it will be interesting to see how many Montana miles I can put on that thing before it finally dies.

We Asked How Many Miles Do You Have On Your Rig?

We wanted to know how many miles you have on your Montana vehicles, so we asked and you answered. There are a lot Montana miles on your vehicles.

  • Jon- 260,000
  • Jason- 97 Ford Explorer 267000
  • Dewey- 202,000-06 Impala,194,000-11 Fusion 140,000-16 suburban ???,???-89 Chevy Scottsdale
  • Dawn- 312,500 2004 Duramax
  • Libby- 170,000 and 91,000
  • Jennifer- 370500, 225750, 165250
  • Rainy- My car is at 230k and my husband's truck is almost 400k
  • Ryan- 130k
  • Richard- 300000
  • Katie- About 16. but my last was pushing 200k when it got totaled in an accident.
  • Jana- 163,000
  • Kim- 205k
  • Chelsea- 268k
  • Leah- 185k on the Tahoe and 220k on the Accura
  • Jana- 163,000
  • Jon- 322k
  • Dustin- 200,000
  • Brandi- 201,000
  • Jesse- 450k
  • Ashley- Just over 200k
  • Kevin- 233k
  • John- 287k
  • Alex- 264k 2000 Dakota!
  • Kevin- 280k
  • Toshanna- 454k on my ‘78 Corolla, 223k on my ‘01 CR-V, 46k on my ‘91 Beat
  • Tanner- 253k and runnin' strong. Yota power.
  • Steven- 97 Ford f150 with 262,000
  • Francesco- 125k
  • Paul- 220,000
  • Steven- 131k, 137k, 257k
  • Crystal- 315k
  • Mary- 310k
  • Randy- 374,988
  • Shawn- 185k, 240k,107k
  • Ty- 148,000. 2003 Nissan
  • Bert- 96 GMC Sierra. 500k. Instrument cluster failed so we have a book with last known mileage. + 375k.
  • Nick- 2003 f150 Super Crew. Gas. 225,000 no motor work done.
  • Caitlyn- 274,000 on one and 175,000 on the other!
  • Ashleigh- 204,000. It's a 2002.
  • Jessica- 2003 highlander has around 225,000 I think.
  • Bruce- 270,000. 96 Powerstroke.
  • Jason- 97 Ford Explorer 267000
  • Kelly- 2001 Ford Ranger 369,567
  • Colleen- 157k on a 2018
  • Doug- 276k
  • Season- 380,000
  • Caitlin- 280,000. 2008 Ford Fusion
  • Jo- 164,000. A 2012 vehicle.
  • Jaynea- 110,000
  • Mary- 172,000
  • Mike- 354k 1999 Ford f150
  • Aron- 147k 2018 Chevy Sliverado
  • Darcy- 150k 2007 Dodge Ram. Had 97k on it when I got it 7 years ago. Haven't been too far for awhile but far enough to see some beautiful country and make some wonderful memories.
  • Leslie- 147k and some change on 06 Tahoe
  • Roy- 238,523 Ford 7.3 power stroke
  • Bob- 100k
Credit: Derek via Facebook
Credit: Derek via Facebook
Credit: Joshua via Facebook
Credit: Joshua via Facebook

Very Few Lower Mileage Vehicles

Not everyone has 6 digits on their vehicles, yet.

  • Nathan- 99k currently
  • Jamie- 48,000
  • Amy- 88k
  • Kathy- 11,177
  • Cec- 4500
  • Derek- My wife Crystal just bought a mint 4 runner with only 89,000.
  • Karel- 39k 2018 Ford
  • Naomi- 94K 2020 Subaru. I drive a lot.
  • Becky- 11k
Credit: Kevin via Facebook
Credit: Kevin via Facebook

Montanans are Also Funny

We couldn't ask for numbers without someone being funny. If you know you know.

  • Reginald- 8008135
  • Terry- You mean how much hay I feed my horse.

As you can see by the responses, it looks like  Montanans do hold onto their vehicles for a long time. Be safe on the roads.

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