Tipping culture has increased over the years. Today it feels like everywhere you go, there is a tip jar or the cashier is sliding the payment screen over and there is a tip option.

Concert Merch Booth Tipping

I attended a concert recently. The concert ticket was, $50, beverages were 8$ each and you are expected to tip your server. Then came the merchandise. T-shirts were $40, hoodies were priced at $70. When I asked for the style and size I wanted, the employee handed me the correct shirt. When I went to pay for it, there was both a tip jar and a tip option on the payment screen.

I like to believe I am a big tipper, and I am even more generous when the service is exceptional. In this instance I bought two shirts, for a total of $80. If I tip 20% that would be a $16 tip. The person literally turned around and handed me two t-shirts, was that worth $16? Did I tip, yes. Was it $16, no. Montana ranks pretty high when it comes to tipping.

Where Montanans Won't Tip

With tipping culture not going away anytime soon, I was curious as to where Montanans don't tip when a tip jar is present, so we asked. Here is what they said:

Angela- Convenience stores

Nathan- On the counters of a fast food joint

Shannon- Fast food

Dina- Pre-packaged dispensaries

Elise- Taco Johns

Marcia- The airport little shop with soda cans (they) expect tips for ringing it up at the cash register

Crystal- Anywhere I go to the counter to get my food / beverage (Subway, Dairy Queen, Noodles Express, etc). My exception is coffee stands that I frequent…because it takes skill to make a good coffee drink and If I don’t frequent the place. I’m not comfortable tipping before trying the drink. Too many sucky drinks that I tipped for over the years.

Jennifer- Batteries Plus

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Some Montanans Will Tip Regardless

There are people who will continue to always tip.

Shana- I can’t think of anywhere I haven’t. Even if it’s just the change. Even at the fast food restaurants someone is preparing your food, someone took your order. It’s still service.

Andrea- None that I can remember, however I don’t agree with establishments that do not allow for card tips. Chipotle comes to mind. They don’t allow for you to tip via card payment you must bring cash with you.

Gary- Was that tip jar for thirty years, tip where deserving

Steffeni- This depends. My daily works at subway in Corvallis. They are fast, friendly and cater to you as much as they can. They are the ones making your food for lower pay. (They don’t get paid the $17 like McDonald’s).When you get good service- tip! They depend on earning extra because of their wages and always work a little harder to get that tip.They also split tips unless u physically hand it to them and say “this is for YOU!” If someone does something amazing for you: please consider tipping.

Montana is Finding Ways to Make People Tip

Some Montana businesses are starting to force tipping. Don't get me wrong, while tipping is still used, I believe people should tip and tip well. My view is pay workers more and do away with tipping entirely. It shouldn't be up to me to dictate how much a person gets paid.

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