REO Speedwagon is coming to perform at the Adams Center in Missoula, Montana on Sunday May 7th. I had the honor of interviewing lead singer Kevin Cronin last week. He, and the band, have great memories of the times that they have played Montana, Missoula in particular. Kevin let us know that he and his family have been vacationing in Montana at Flathead Lake for the past decade, but their connection goes back further than that.

Middle School Rumors

When I was in middle school in Missoula, over three decades ago, there was a rumor floating around middle school circles. The rumor was one of the kid's dad was the manager of REO Speedwagon. I wasn't in the same school as he was, but we did compete against each other in basketball. I never believed the rumor.

Times Were Different in Montana Back in The 80s

Keep in mind this was the 1980s. No social media. No cell phones to snap pics. No Google to verify rumors. Also keep in mind that REO Speedwagon, at the time, was one of the biggest bands in the world. I was a very skeptical kid. I didn't believe it.

Thank You Kevin Cronin for Clearing Up the Montana Rumor

Fast forward to last week and I had the opportunity to interview Kevin Cronin of REO Speedwagon. I had not planned to bring up a middle school rumor from over 30 years ago. I am a radio professional after all. Here is the thing. He brought it up. He mentioned that the band's ex-manager's, ex-wife had lived in Missoula. With an opening like that I couldn't resist the opportunity to ask him about the rumor. So I did. The rumor was 100% true. You can hear the audio below.

Apology Time

It is amazing what a big world we live in, but it is also small at the same time. It is about the connections we make with each other. With that being said, I believe I owe John and Abe Baruck and the entire Baruck family an apology. So publicly I will say I am sorry for not believing the rumors. I hope you all enjoy the show and I know that Kevin and the crew from REO Speedwagon are excited to be back in Montana. With your help they will be making even more great memories.

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