It is rare to meet someone who will actually admit to being a bad driver. Not everyone can be a great driver, it is just a matter of statistics. If everyone was a great driver we wouldn't have so many insurance companies. I hate to break it to you Montana, but we are state that is filled with bad drivers. Montana ranks in the top ten in the United States for the worst drivers in the nation.

Montana Ranks in the Top 10 Worst Drivers in the Country

Forbes has released a report, in conjunction with insurance companies, on the states with the worst drivers in the country.  Montana came in as the ninth state with the worst drivers. Texas is the worst state for drivers followed by Louisiana, Kansas, Oklahoma, and rounding out the top five is Kentucky.

Montana Ranks 1st in Drunk Drivers Per Capita

Two of the analytics that were studied were the number of fatal crashes that were involved, a "drowsy driver" (1.03 fatal crashes per 100,000) and "a driver who was driving the wrong way" (0.57 fatal crasher per 100,000). Montana, according to the report, is the number one worst state for "most drunk drivers in fatal accidents" with 19.01 per 100,000 drivers.

We Can Lower Montana's Ranking Easily

The summer driving season is on the horizon and it looks to be a very busy season on Montana roads this year. If we work together we can help lower Montana in the rankings. A very easy way to do that is to cut down on the drinking and driving in our state. If you are going to be drinking, please designate a driver, or find sober transportation.

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