Veterans in Montana

You might think that the veterans population in Montana is a clear indication of our state's patriotism, but recent data suggests that Montana doesn't have as many veterans as you might think. The site used US Census data to determine the states with the most veterans and Montana ranks #43 overall, as well as for the Korean and Vietnam wars.

In the WalletHub study on patriotism, Montana ranked #23 for military engagement. If you break that down: when looking at our average military enlistees, veterans, active-duty personnel, and civilians that are in military reserve, Montana falls in the middle compared to other states.

Despite rankings, Montana is grateful to our veterans for their service. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the many nonprofit organizations that also support Montana veterans, like Warrior Wishes Montana Inc., Horses Spirits Healing Inc., Warriors & Quiet Waters, and the many American Legion and VFW locations around the state to name a few.

Civic Engagement in Montana

What makes Montana one of the most patriotic states in the country, according to the WalletHub study is Montana's civic engagement. For this, Montana ranks #3 in the country, bringing Montana's overall patriotic rating to #3 as well. When you see the kinds of things that contribute to civic engagement it's encouraging to see that Montana ranks so high:

  • voting rates
  • volunteer rates and hours
  • AmeriCorps Volunteers
  • Peace Corps Volunteers
  • Jury participation
  • Participation in groups/associations/organiztions
  • History/civics education

But this still only scratches the surface of Montana's patriotism. Tell us on our app what you think makes Montana a patriotic state.

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