This is not going to be a popular opinion, and that is fine by me. I do not like eating outside. There, I said it. It is not something that I am proud of and it is not something that is easy to live with, especially in Montana.

Montanans Get Excited to Eat Outdoors

We spend so much time eating inside with our long winters, that I feel like I am supposed to jump at the chance to eat outside. I don't. Now don't get me wrong, I love being outside in Montana. I like to hike, golf, spend time on rivers and lakes, the list goes on and on. It's the eating outside that gets to me.

I Have Safety Concerns

Years ago while doing yardwork, I got attacked by some yellowjackets. After a trip to the emergency room, I discovered that I am allergic to them. After five years of shots to help with my allergy, it is just better for me to eat inside. Nothing attracts yellowjackets, wasps and other like food.

There's More To it Than Safety

There is more to it than just my safety. I just don't like it. Whenever we go to eat in the spring and summer and we have the option of eating outside, If it was up to me, I would always choose to eat inside. Most restaurants in town that offer outside eating are close to a parking lot, street, or directly on a sidewalk. It's always loud outside with the traffic and people. I don't like to mix exhaust with my tater tots.

Some People Appreciate Eating Outdoors in Montana

My family enjoys eating outside. When we go to eat and we get asked if we want to eat inside or outside, me and my wife always exchange a glance. I don't always get my way. Life is filled with compromise. Camping is a different story, since we don't have much of a choice, I have to eat outside. I deal with it with the help of my Epipen. If I had my way we would always eat inside, and then go outside to play and have fun. That, to me, is the best of both worlds.

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