Growing up in Montana, I was lucky to have a robust education in the arts.

Not only was I a member of the Rocky Mountain Ballet Theatre, where I was privileged to tour internationally with the company, but I was also a musician. From an early age and through high school, I benefited greatly from my time as a musician, which probably influenced me being on the radio today. I cherished my time as a member of the Hellgate High School marching band, jazz band, concert band, and the Missoula City Band.

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It felt special then. But as time passes, it becomes even more special. And when information like this comes out, it makes me feel proud to be a Montanan. Montana has been ranked as one of the best states for the arts. 

Montana's Ranking for Artists

The study from Smile Hub looked at the economy and personal finances of artists and arts education in every state. They broke things down to look at things like how many arts museums or charities were in each state, the average salary of artists in the state, grants and fellowships, and the quality of graduate art programs, among other factors.

How Did Montana Rank?

Even though I had an exceptional arts education experience in Montana, Montana's rank for arts education is just in the top half at 22nd overall.  

In terms of artists doing well financially, Montana is ranked 3rd in the country, which gives Montana an overall ranking of being the 5th most friendly art state in the country. 

  • Artists Economy and Personal Finances Rank: 3
  • Arts Education Rank: 22
  • Overall Rank: 5

What a fantastic designation and a testament to all of the artists and supporters of the arts in Montana.  

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