Montana has professional athletes in different sports. There are professional rodeo athletes, skiers, and even baseball players. But Montana doesn't have a professional team in any of the four major leagues, baseball, basketball, hockey or football. If Montana were to ever get some professional teams we have some name and mascot suggestions to choose from.

Montana Doesn't Have One of the Big Four Pro Sports Teams

The closest Montana has to professional football is the University of Montana Grizzlies and Montana State University Bobcats. Both programs have had success over the past few years. Going to one of their games, in some cases, is better than attending a professional football game.

Montana Loves Football

Football is one of the most popular sports in the nation and that goes for Montana too. There are a lot of NFL fans in Montana, and here is who they root for. If Montana were to ever get an NFL team of our own, the big question would be, would you give up your current NFL team and root for a team from Montana?

Being a Fan Is Not Always Easy

Being a fan is not always easy. That is why fan is short for "fanatic". Changing allegiance to a team can be difficult. I should know, I am a fan of the now Los Angeles Chargers. I made a promise to myself years ago, I would never root for a team from L.A., but here we are.

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We asked our listeners if they would root for a Montana NFL team? Here is how they responded.

Not Everyone Would Switch to a Montana Team

  • Leslie- No
  • Brandon- Nope
  • Aron- Nope
  • Shirley- Nope
  • Keenan- No
  • Wyatt- Nope
  • Lucy- No
  • Lisa- No
  • Peggy- NO
  • Kimberly- No
  • Greg- No
  • Taylor- No
  • Robin- Never
  • Ronda- One does not just drop the Rams!

Some People Would Root for a Montana Team

  • Cheri- Yup because I don't follow a team
  • Bobbi- Of course
  • Phillip- I have a sympathy for underdogs, so I guess yes.
  • Melinda- Yes
  • Paula- Yes
  • Gloria- Yes
  • Pat- Hell yes

Some Fans Would Have Some Conditions

  • Reginald- As long as they didn't call Bozeman home
  • Amy- Nope, but they’d be my second favorite if they’re not in Bozeman like previously stated. Lol.
  • Bobbi- I would root for them but I have been a Miami fan since I was 10 yrs old. They are my team.
  • Jackie- They'd have to prove themselves first.
  • Chelle- They'd have to prove where they were going to sit on my list because I've been a Niners fan my whole life and couldn't just walk away from something I love.
  • Shirley- I would add them to the list of the teams I currently root for.
  • Abby- If the team is in Bozeman no. JK I would but I’d still root for my Cowboys.
  • Katie- Griz would come first then my NFL team and then a Montana NFL team if there would be one.
  • Celia- Maybe
  • Darcy- If they're any good.
  • Ty- I would root for the MT team against ever team except the 49ers.
  • Clint- I would root for them but I would not drop the teams I already root for.

There are people that aren't fans of the the NFL or football for that matter. They made it very clear that they wouldn't be rooting for any professional football team in Montana.

It doesn't look like Montana is on any list to get any professional sports team any time soon, so you can continue to root for your favorite team, or not root for any team, the choice is yours.

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