Finally, NFL Kick off is this week, technically it was actually a couple weeks ago but in my world pre-season doesn't count for nothin' except for avoiding injuries. Now the games actually count not only for the road to the Super Bowl, but for all the Fantasy Football teams, now the games count. The season gets under way with an exciting game Thursday, with the Detroit Lions visiting the Kansas City Chiefs, the reigning Super Bowl Champions.

Who Does Montana Cheer For?

So who does Montana actually cheer for outside of the Grizzlies or Bobcats? According to whatever map you are looking at and according to whatever "experts" say, the majority of fans in Montana cheer for either the Denver Broncos or the Seattle Seahawks. There's a little patch in Eastern Montana that cheer for the Minnesota Vikings, this according to the "experts". We all know that there are other fans of other teams that live here. There are fans of "Da Raiders" sporting the Silver and Black. There are "Cheesheads" among us, I see those bumper stickers and license plate frames. Chief's fans are represented here too, maybe because almost all of their games are on TV?  A Browns fan will occasionally pop up in a conversation and I always admire that they have the guts to admit it in public.  I know of a couple Patriots fans, now that Tom Brady is no longer QB, it seems they can admit it a little easier to people. Steelers fans are around. I can't forget about the Cowboy fans, they won't let you. I don't think I have ever met a Panthers, Cardinals, Ravens, Texans, or Jaguars fan. I am sure they exist somewhere in our state, but I haven't met one.

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Growing Up

Seahawks v Browns X
Tom Pidgeon

I was born and raised in Montana, and growing up I used to collect football cards. Pretty early on all of my friends and I were trading the same Seahawks and Broncos cards over and over so I decided I wasn't going to like either team so I went on a quest to find a team. I kept in the west so I could get a chance to watch them on TV. Eventually I settled on the San Diego Chargers. I liked the lightning bolt helmet, I liked Dan Fouts a tough and gritty quarterback and I dreamed of the beaches in San Diego. It has been a long road of hope and disappointment and to this day I have never been to San Diego. The Chargers have not only never won a Super Bowl, but they also moved to Los Angeles, double bummer.


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Chris Wolfe/Credit: Chris Wolfe

But I am still a fan of the team. It makes no sense, "fan" is short for "fanatic" it isn't supposed to make sense. So as I start the new season with hope for my Chargers, and everyone else has hope for their teams, we can all at least agree the NFL made a great choice by having Ozzy Osbourne do the half time show of the first game of the season! That is something we can all get behind "Let's Go OZZY!"

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