McDonald's restaurants have been a part of my life since I was a kid. I literally grew up across the street from a McDonald's restaurant. We once had a dog that would escape from our yard and go hang out in the parking lot. People would throw fries for her out of their car windows. There was a time when we would go across the street and get some fries as a side dish for our dinner.

McDonald's Is Making Some in Montana

McDonald's has recently made a couple announcements about their restaurants. One is about changes that are going to be coming to their restaurants in the next few years. Another more recent announcement is a change that will be coming to their food, specifically changes that are being made to their burgers.

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McDonald's Burger Changes Coming To Montana in 2024

According to Taste of Home, McDonald's is changing up their burgers. McDonald's made a statement about their changes last year, but they haven't hit all their stores yet. One of the big changes will be to the bun. They are being described as "soft and pillowy and more freshly toasted". The cheese is changing too, it is going to be "richer and gooier". The onions are going to be more caramelized and more fresh from the grill to the patty.

Montana Should See the Changes in 2024

The burgers with the changes have already been served up in major markets in the west, like Seattle, Salt Lake City, and Boise since the end of last year. McDonald's looks to roll out the changes to their burgers to over 14,000 stores across the nation, including Montana, in 2024.

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