Cheese, just the word can put a smile on my face. I honestly don't think that there is a food that doesn't get improved by adding a bit of cheese. Montana is known for being a cattle state and for our copious amounts of breweries. What can make a burger and a brew that much better? How about some Montana made cheese for that burger.

I Need To Go On a "Montana Cheese Tasting Tour"

I have spent way too much time tasting beers from local breweries. I have also spent a lot of time tasting burgers across Montana.  Now I need to spend my time sampling the cheeses that are being made in Montana. We have some great cheese that's locally made. So let's all enjoy and support our local cheese artisans when you are putting together your charcuterie boards, think Montana.

Great Montana Made Cheeses Available

Flathead Lake Cheese located in Polson, Montana makes a few different cheeses. They make curds and feta, but they specialize in gouda. With a variety of gouda flavors including a chai gouda and a couple different peppered goudas.

Big Sky Cheese located in Great Falls, Montana. They make a gouda, feta, cheese curds and clothbound cheddar. The clothbound cheddar is aged anywhere from 60, 90 or 180 days.

Lifeline Farm located in Victor, Montana. They make a variety of cheeses. Mozzarella, a mild cheddar,  and a jack cheese with hot pepper. They make a brie styled cheese named "Brie De Bitterroot".

Mountina Cheese located in Bozeman, Montana. They feature alpine cheeses that they set apart with beer and mocha.

I Need to Eat Across Montana

We are getting spoiled by how much great food is being created in Montana. I am going to have a great time, trying to eat my way across Montana.

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