Montana has had some strange laws through the years. Some have stayed and some have gone. There was a reason we had some of these laws back in the day. There was a Montana law I was curious about when I read about it. The law forbids a person from driving an animal onto railroad tracks in Montana. A listener of ours explained that people would purposefully herd animals onto railroad tracks and the animal would be killed by trains, in order to collect insurance money. After the explanation, It makes sense to have that law.

Did People Really Do This in Montana?

There is another law in Montana that I find interesting, because I have a hard time picturing someone doing this. According to Heenan and Cook Trial Attorneys, it is against the law in Montana to operate a vehicle with ice picks attached to the wheels. According to their website:

It is illegal to operate a vehicle with ice picks attached to the wheels in Montana. This law may seem strange, but it was put in place to prevent drivers from damaging the roads. Ice picks can scratch and gouge the pavement, causing damage that is expensive to repair.

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More Questions Than Answers

This is another law that I would like to hear the story behind. This brings up so many questions. It makes sense that having ice picks on tires would gouge pavement which would need to be repaired. Did drivers used to do this in Montana? Who thought this would be a good idea? How did they attach ice picks to the wheels? How many ice picks would a person need? So many questions.

Montana Winter Forecast

If you are new to Montana be aware, according to the forecast for the upcoming winter we may be seeing a lot of snow. Please don't attach ice picks to your wheels on your vehicle. It won't help you drive any better and it is against the law.

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