Montana's hospitals and clinics have been winning awards and have been recognized as some of the best hospitals, not only in the state, but in the nation.

Some of Montana's Award Winning Hospitals

Billings Clinic has been named the best hospital in Montana by the U.S. News & World Report. Missoula's Providence St. Patrick's Hospital has won awards from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The Bozeman Health Regional Medical Center has received a five star rating in 2021 from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Doctors in Montana Have to Be Busy

We are very lucky to have top notch medical staffs in our state. With the outdoor activities, wildlife and just everyday work in Montana, it helps to know we have good doctors here. But where does Montana rank when it comes to being a doctor compared to other states across the country? Surprisingly high and that is a good.

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Montana Is the Best State To Be A Doctor

According to a WalletHub study, Montana is the best place to practice medicine. In the report they cite the high pay for doctors. Montana is also the state with the least amount of doctor "burn-out", and 63% of doctors that train in Montana stay in the state. Which is "one of the highest retention rates in the country".

Montana is Lucky To Have Our Doctors

Following Montana in the rankings is South Dakota, Nebraska, Utah, and Indiana rounding out the top 5. I have been very lucky to have had some amazing health care workers and doctors help me out over the years. I also think that this is fantastic for Montana to be leading the entire country in the medical field.

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