After the past few years, it might be a wonder that any city in Montana would make a list of "Happiest Cities in America." Affordable housing is scarce, expenses are high, and we even saw a catastrophic and historic 500-year flood event in 2022.

Yet, there's still a lot to appreciate. We've learned recently that Montana is one of the best states for animalsartists, and if you don't like ticks.

Up until now, if you asked someone what city they thought was the happiest city in Montana they might have said:

Miles City. 

And it was, according to a study from that has been floating around the internet for a long time. But you may have also heard that

Montana City

is the happiest city in Montana. Zippia bestowed that honor on the town in 2016. 

But by compiling more recent data, WalletHub has come up with the happiest cities in the country and according to their ranking there's a "new happy city in town."

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Montana's Happiest City in 2024

While this study recognizes the 180 largest, happiest cities, it is more recent data than some of the past rankings. According to their findings,


is one of the happiest cities in the country, ranked 70th overall. Billings also made the list but was ranked 82nd overall. With scores in three categories, both Missoula and Billings ranked in the top 50 in two categories.

Emotional and Physical Well-Being Rank

Missoula: 85

Billings: 105

Income and Employment Rank

Missoula: 37

Billings: 35

Community and Environment Rank

Missoula: 46

Billings: 25

One troubling breakdown in the study was the cities with the lowest and highest suicide rates. Billings was tied with four other cities for having the highest suicide rate.

Given the opportunities for entertainment, festivals, and outdoor activities, Missoula seems worthy of being Montana's happiest city. But if you think there are smaller towns that are still happier than Missoula let us know--send us a message on the app.

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