Montana has developed an attitude like someone from "Generation X." We are growing as a state and we are growing rapidly. Montana has now become the second fastest growing state in the United States. For a lot of people who call Montana home and have for decades, that may not be the best news. Whether you like it or not, we are getting more people moving here and with that will come change. Maybe it is time for Montana to "sell out."

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Is Montana Like Generation X?

"Generation X" is defined as people born between 1965 and 1981. I fall into this category. We aren't the "Baby Boomers", and we aren't "Millennials" we fall somewhere in between, which is fine with us. We don't mind the spotlight on other people, just let us live our lives. That is where the comparison between Montana and "Generation X" aligns. Montana just wants to be left alone.

Montana Doesn't Want To Get Too Popular

When I was growing up, I always liked finding new stuff. It didn't matter if it was music, bands, books, clothes, or food, I appreciated the "newness" of discovery. I think most people like to discover new things. This is where I think my generation differs from others. When we found new things, we wanted to keep them for ourselves and our close friends. We didn't want to share it with everyone. Only a select few. When things got too popular, they were considered to be "sell outs." They would no longer be cool and we would then move on, and try to find the next new thing. That seems to be the attitude of most Montanans these days. We don't want to get too popular, we only want our state to ourselves and maybe share it with our close friends. But we can't just move on to the new thing because Montana is home.

Will Montana Sell Out?

Montana right now seems to be in the spotlight. We have that "newness" for the moment. TV shows are being filmed here, people are moving here, Montana is changing. Maybe what Montana needs to do is to "sell out." That way we aren't cool anymore, and people will move on to find the next "new" state.

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