The numbers are in and Montana ranks high when it comes to gambling and gambling addiction. According to Wallet Hub, not only does Montana rank high, we rank in the top five. According to their report we are the third most addicted to gambling state in the United States.

Montana Sports Betting Continues to Grow

Last year Montanans bet over $50 million on sports betting alone. That doesn't count machines, or the lottery. With the legalization of sports betting in Montana the opportunity to bet has increased and so has the betting.

Number One is an Easy Guess, But What About Number Two?

It is not surprising that Nevada ranks as the number one state when it comes to gambling with Las Vegas, Reno and more. What was surprising to me in the report was coming in at number two was South Dakota. When it comes to gambling I don't usually think of South Dakota.

Montana Has A Lot of Gaming Machines

Some of the statistics that were eye opening for me are the amount of casinos and machines that are in Montana. We rank at number five for the amount of casinos we have in our state. Per capita we are tied for number one in the amount of gaming machines in Montana. We are tied with Nevada, Oklahoma, and South Dakota.

 Big Sports Betting Event in Montana is Coming Soon

The NBA and NHL playoffs are both currently in progress which gives bettors another opportunity to place wagers. The next big betting event will be the Kentucky Derby coming up on May 6th.

Please Play Responsibly

If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, you can call 1-888-900-9979 or you can visit

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