Driving in Montana can be scenic, fun and a great experience. It can also be frustrating, with lots of driver "pet peeves". There are so many different things that other drivers do that can frustrate and anger other drivers on the road. One of the biggest complaints people in Montana seem to have is when drivers "camp out" in the passing lane. That is something that I don't always appreciate either. But, for me that isn't the most frustrating highway habit, it's a different one that I just don't understand.

Not Everyone in Montana Drives the Same Speed

When I drive Montana's four lane interstates and highways I use cruise control a majority of the time. Not everyone drives the same speed, that is a given. What I don't understand is when I pass a car, the driver then speeds up to try to re-pass me. Can someone please explain to me why there are drivers that just can't handle being passed? I have never been able to understand the reasoning for this.

I Have Never Understood the Thinking

I am not talking about someone who happens to be going slower than me because of being behind a semi-truck, or coming out of a construction zone. I am talking about the drivers that you come up behind from miles away and there is no one in front of them. They are obviously traveling slower than I am. After I pass them, they then speed up. Full disclosure, I drive a mini-van and I don't speed.

All Different Kinds of Vehicles Do The Same Thing in Montana

I have seen this happen over and over again. It isn't always the same type of vehicle. It has been trucks, SUVs, cars, all kinds of different vehicles. They have had Montana plates, as well as out of town plates. It makes no sense to me. Once again I drive a mini-van, trust me when I say I have no problem when people pass me, my ego isn't hurt in any way. If someone wants to go faster than me, feel free. I will not be speeding up to re-pass you anytime soon.

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