Supporting Montana businesses and products is something that we can all take pride in. There are a few products that are made in Montana that I appreciate and use regularly. Alpine Touch is always in our spice cabinet. Sun Mountain Sports golf equipment is part of our golf game every season. Those items aren't even counting the great Montana made beers that we enjoy on occasion.

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This Is a Product We Thought Was Made in Montana

Every once in a while we come across something that just screams "Montana". This is  a product that we were surprised isn't manufactured in Montana. Even though it isn't made in Montana, we think it would fit right in with the Montana lifestyle. It is The Deer Slayer Whiskey. It is a venison flavored whiskey, made by Tamworth Distilling in New Hampshire.

How Do They Get The Venison Flavor?

Here is how they get their venison flavor:

We sourced our red deer venison from a local New Hampshire farm, then hand-chopped the meat and tossed it with cranberries, porcini mushrooms, juniper berries, and green peppercorns. After fermenting overnight to accentuate the meat’s delectable gaminess, it is then slow-smoked over a mix of seasoned branches from New Hampshire’s boreal forests.

When you become a member of a bagpipe band, you learn to appreciate a good whiskey as part of the experience. It can also give you an opportunity to sample whiskey from all over the world. This is one we haven't had a chance to try, yet.

Whiskey or Whisky?

When writing about whiskey, or whisky, you may have noticed that it can be spelled differently. It depends on where the spirit is from, whether you add an "e" to the word. According to, if there is no "e" the spirit is made in Scotland, Canada, or Japan. If there is an "e" it is made in the United States, Ireland or other countries. There is more to it than just the way the word is written. It also has to do with the way the spirits are distilled, but just a quick glance at a label can tell you at least one of the countries where the spirit is from. Please enjoy responsibly.

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