There is no such thing as a bad beer. It's that some taste better than others.- Jimmy Carter

Beer in Montana is popular. If you have spent any time in the state you will figure that out. There are some very good beers that are brewed here in Montana.

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With the passion for beer in Montana there will always be debates. Which is the best? Foreign or domestic? IPA or lager? Cans or bottles? Expensive or cheap? Speaking of cheap beer. When it comes to this particular popular beer, here in Montana you can get it cheaper than anywhere else in the country. The cheap beer is Bud Light.

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Montana Is the Cheapest State For this Popular Beer

According to, Montana has the cheapest Bud Light prices in the nation. They analyzed the price of Bud Light in bars, restaurants, and tap rooms in every state and found Montana is the cheapest in the nation. Followed by West Virginia and Utah for the cheapest. The average price across the country for a 16-ounce draft Bud Light is $4.19. In Montana we are way below the average with an average price of $3.44. The most expensive state for a Bud Light is Nevada, you can thank Las Vegas for that. In Nevada you will be paying an average of $5.60 for that 16-ounce draft.

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Montana Has Ties To Bud Light

Whether you drink Bud Light or not, we can add that to the list of the beer debates, at least you know that here in Montana it won't cost you as much as in other states. Also there are some big ties between Bud Light and Montana.  Keep in mind this holiday season, please enjoy responsibly. If you are going to celebrate, make sure that you designate a driver or make plans for safe transportation. Please don't drink and drive.

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