Montanans have a tendency to hold on to their cars a lot longer than other states. Montana ranks in the top 10 states where the oldest used vehicles are sought according to Auto In the case of this technology that is being used to steal cars, that may be a good thing.

Montana Be Aware of How Thieves Are Trying to Steal Cars

There is a video that has been making the rounds showing two car thieves using an antenna to amplify the signal of a key fob to steal a vehicle. They are able to open up a car and drive off without the fob. With cars that use a key fob to open and start your vehicle. The vehicle and key fob send out signals to each other. That is how you can keep your fob in your pocket and approach your car and open the door without removing the fob from your pocket.



Be Mindful Of Where You Put Your Fobs

A lot of drivers keep their fobs by the entrance to their homes, or close to their garages. This is where the thieves can use the antennae to amplify the signal being sent to your vehicle to open it and steal it.

Ways To Help Prevent This From Happening

There are ways to avoid this. You can keep your key fobs in a tin container and not out in the open. You can also use what is called a "Faraday bag". These are used to block all incoming signals to prevent hacking on devices. Some concert venues are requesting people use them to prevent pictures and videos being taken at the shows on cell phones. Here is a video of what you can do to help prevent this kind of theft from happening to you.

Montana, Watch Out for Criminals and Scams

Be safe out there Montana. There are so many scams being reported these days and  ways people are trying to take what doesn't belong to them.

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