Beer makes Montana go around. With the explosion of microbrewing, Montana has become a powerhouse in brewing beer. The list of breweries in Montana making great beer is long and varied and covers the entire state. Almost every major town has at least one brewery. With the variety of quality beer to choose from have we become so spoiled with great beer that we have become "Beer Snobs" in Montana? Here are some signs that you or someone you love may have become a beer snob.

They Only Drink I.P.A.s- There is so much more to the world than an I.P.A. The I.P.A. seems to be the very first beer that most new breweries makes when they start producing beer. There also seem to be more choices of I.P.A.s at breweries than any other type of beer. I am not saying I hate I.P.A.s, because that would make me a "beer snob". To the breweries, there is so much more to world than an I.P.A.

They Only Drink Specialty Beers- Seasonal beers are good every once in a while. You may look forward to seasonal beers coming out because of the limited runs. But, you shouldn't let your life revolve around seasonal beers. No need to actually mark your calendars. Let your life revolve around the weather like most Montanans.

When Ordering an Import They Use an Accent- Do I really need to expand on this one? Just stop it.

Ordering a Beer Based On "IBU"- Let's be honest, you don't even know what that means.

Only Ordering "Organic" Beer- Let's be honest, you don't even know what that means.

When Offered a Beer, They Hesitate- When someone offers a beer, snobs hesitate. Unless you are the designated driver, there should be no hesitation.

Friends Don't Let Friends Be Montana Beer Snobs

Friends don't let friends be beer snobs. I have done one of two of the above, when I was young and didn't know better. I have grown older and wiser and don't do them anymore. If you don't drink beer, we won't judge. These may not apply to you. If we work together we can try to stop the snobbery. Please enjoy responsibly.

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