Montana is always looking ahead to weather forecasts. We have lots of reasons to look ahead. We have planting seasons for crops and gardens. We have have to be aware of fire season. Last year Montana got some earlier than normal snow and we saw the snow stick around for quite a while. The snow happened so early that in Missoula the street crews were not able to clear leaves so they had to do street clearing in the spring. This was the first time that had happened in decades. What are the forecasts calling for Montana this fall?

Montana Fall Forecast from Accuweather

According to Accuweather the fall forecast for Montana is going to be between 4-6 degrees cooler than what we saw in October of 2022. According to their report:

One of the driving factors behind the weather patterns across the U.S. this autumn will be El Niño, a regular climate pattern that can reshape the jet stream.

The forecast for the Rocky Mountain region according to Accuweather is if we see some October snow, will then see an increase above the average temperatures in November. The snow may not last all through the winter.

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Montana Forecast from Old Farmer's Almanac

According to the The Old Farmer's Almanac, Montana is split up into two regions, the "Intermountain" region that includes Western Montana, and the "High Plains" region that covers Central and Eastern Montana. According to their forecast for Autumn 2023, the "High Plains" region will see "above average" temperatures. The "Intermountain" region including Western Montana will see "below average" temperatures.

Credit: Old Farmer's Almanac
Credit: Old Farmer's Almanac

Montana will also see two different forecasts for precipitation for the fall, according to the Old Farmer's Almanac. Eastern Montana is predicted to see average precipitation while Western Montana may see below average precipitation. If there is enough precipitation we may see it drop cold enough for snow in Western Montana in October.

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