There are so many things to do in Montana and surprisingly, many long-time Montanans haven't tried some of the most common Montana activities.

It may be that popular Montana activities are preference-based. Say you don't like the outdoors, that would eliminate a lot of Montana activities. Sometimes it's just luck or opportunity.

We asked on social media how long you've lived in Montana and what have you never done. Some answers were quite remarkable. A few themes did develop:

Visiting Montana's National Parks

Despite Montana having two of the nation's most popular national parks in our state (one at least partially), dozens of people said they've lived in Montana for decades but have never visited Glacier National Park or Yellowstone National Park.

Hitting Wildlife in Montana With Your Car

It can happen on just about any street in Montana, and it does. So it's especially rare to meet a Montanan who has never hit a wild animal with their car.

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Take a look at some of the most interesting responses when we asked what Montanans haven't done:

"Never Been ___"

"I've lived in Montana for 31 years and have never been hunting." - Jenny

"I've lived in Montana 44 years and never have been skiing  or snowboarding." - Devin

"52 years and never went hunting." - Wes

"I've lived in Montana for 36 years and have never been to Glacier National Park." - Kelsey

"My entire life and I have never been to Glacier even though my grandfather helped build Going to the sun road!!" - Jamie

"I’ve lived in Montana 27 years and have never been to Yellowstone National Park." - Dreya

"I’ve lived in Montana for 15 years and I’ve never gone river floating, tried cold smoke or been to Glacier. I’ve never gone skiing or been to a Griz football game either." - Elen

"30 years and never been ice fishing." - Jill

"Never hiked the_____" 

"I've lived in MT for a total of 33 year and I've never hiked the L." - Brittney

"21 years and never hiked the M." - Cecil

"Never Saw___" 

"45 years and never saw Sasquatch, not for lack of trying." - Brian

"60 years in a couple of weeks and I've never seen a grizzly bear." - Terry

"25 - seen the northern lights." - Stella

"Never Tried___" 

"I've lived in Montana for 41 years and have never had rocky mountain oysters" - Brenna

"Never Hit a ________" 

"I've lived in Montana 23 years and have never hit a deer, elk, moose, etc" - Lori

"36 years never hit a deer!" - Amber

Other Favorites

"I've lived in Montana 17 years and never complained about the winter" - Kasandra

"I lived in Montana 53 years and have never thought of leaving." - Susan

"48 years, petted a Buffalo." - Allen

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