In Montana, we know: leave the wildlife alone. We know we shouldn't pet the fluffy cows and that bears aren't toys. But, when nature is unpredictable, some people might be compelled to step in. I've heard stories about hunters finding an animal caught in a barbed wire fence and cutting it loose.

Recently, there were two viral videos that showed some shocking animal rescues.

First Example: the Halloween Moose

Moose can be very dangerous, and personally, I would never want or choose to be within 50 feet of one. But recently, a video from Canada shows that a moose was caught in some Halloween decorations, and the humans decided to provide some help. Watch to the end, and you'll see that something very unexpected happens.

I'm glad no one was hurt in this interaction, moose or humans, but I was shocked they were able to pet the moose.

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Second Example: the Deer Caught in a Rope

In some ways, this situation may be even more dangerous than the first. In the video, you'll see the deer has a rope caught around its antlers and it's wildly swinging from a tree. Not only does the deer look like it's going to get hurt but it looks like it might injure the humans too.

Be advised that the following video includes NSFW language.


It's a relief in this case, too, that neither the humans nor animal appear to have been injured. But both of these situations seem to beg the question, should humans intervene?

A Recommendation from Montana Fish Wildlife, and Parks

Related to these situations, we talked to Kyle Miller, the Game Warden Captain for Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks Region 2 last spring about whether or not to assist a deer in Missoula when it's injured. The recommendation: "let them be."

In regards to animals in other parts of Montana, the Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks website has explicit instructions:

"If you find an animal that is clearly injured or in distress, do NOT touch the animal. Call the Wildlife Center for advice on how to proceed, 406-431-1110."

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