There was a winning million dollar ticket sold in Butte, Montana last November. It hasn't been redeemed yet. The deadline for the ticket to valid expires on July 1st 2023, that is this Saturday. The clock is ticking on the ticket. If it doesn't get claimed by Saturday it will not be rewarded to someone and according to the Montana State Lottery it will go into the states general fund.

The Montana Winning Ticket Was Sold in Butte

The winning ticket was sold in Butte, Montana. Specifically at the Town Pump #8. That doesn't mean the person who purchased the winning ticket is from Butte. Last year there were two, one million dollar grand prize winning tickets, that were drawn from the Montana Millionaire game. There are only a limited number of tickets and they sold out in record time last year, according to lottery officials.

Credit: Montana State Lottery via Facebook
Credit: Montana State Lottery via Facebook

Montana Millionaire this Year Will Be Even Bigger

The Montana Millionaire game this year will be even bigger with three, one million dollar jackpots up for grabs and believe or not, the odds will be better this year, than they were last year according to lottery officials. 

Either One Person Wins or Montana Wins

There are only two days left for the winning ticket to be redeemed, this brings up so many questions. Will it be redeemed before the deadline? If it isn't redeemed, what happened to the ticket? Was it lost? We will have at least one questioned answered by Saturday. Either one person is a million dollars richer or the state of Montana will add the money to it's general fund.

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