Money is on a lot of people's minds these days.

While it's more affordable to live in Montana compared to a lot of places in the country, Montanans still feel the pinch, like many adults do. It's common to wonder, "Could I be making more money in Montana" and that leads to questions like, "What does it mean to be rich in Montana?"

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being rich in Montana
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Being Rich in Montana

Being rich is not the same as making a lot of money. You could own land or other assets but still not be bringing as much money as others.

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And "being rich" might feel skewed when there are four billionaires in Montana and only just over 1 million people. The cost of housing in Montana's major cities and celebrity sightings also may make it feel like there's a lot of money in Montana, but that might not be the case.

making money in Montana
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Making Money in Montana

Montana is actually ranked 40th according to a GoBankingRates in comparison to other states in terms of how much money you need to be in the top 5%. In the #1 ranked state, New Jersey, you need $562,886 to be in the top 5% in the state.

In Montana, you need to make a little over $100,000 to be in the top 20%. But to be in the top 5%, you need to make $370,234.

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