There was recently a conversation around the offices about some of the businesses in Missoula that are no longer with us that we wish we could bring back. Sometimes it is a good thing to take a trip down "memory lane" and remember some of the places that we used to frequent while living in Western Montana.

We Noticed A Few Restaurants That Missoula May Need

There were a few things we noticed when talking about past restaurants in Missoula. We noticed that, besides sushi, we don't have a seafood focused restaurant. We also noticed that there used to be a lot more restaurants that offered a big selection of pies.

Missoula Pie Restaurants of the Past

We aren't talking about pizza pie, we are talking about dessert pies. There is a long list of restaurants that have come and gone that used to have big selections of pies.

  • Montana Pie Company
  • Perkins
  • Pioneer Pies
  • Don's Family Restaurant
  • Finnegan's
  • Trenary's Irish Pub

That doesn't mean that we don't still have some great places for a piece of pie in Missoula. We asked our listeners to help us out finding the best place in Missoula for a piece of pie.

Before we get to the best places for a piece of pie, here are some of the businesses in Missoula we wish we could bring back.

21 More Missoula Businesses That We Would Like To Return

We wrote about 24 Missoula businesses that you all said you missed. We thought of 21 more that we think should be brought back.

Gallery Credit: Chris Wolfe

Break Espresso in Missoula Was A Favorite

  • Devin- Break Espresso
  • Matthew- Break Espresso
  • Dixie- Break
  • Alicia- Definitely Break
  • Nissa- The Break
  • Toby- Break Espresso
  • Megan- Break Espresso downtown, hands down.
  • Kody- Break coffee had some pie sometimes.
  • Myk- The Break Espresso
  • Keith- Break Espresso
  • Valerie- The Breaks Espresso
  • Alicia- The Break
  • Juli- Also Break Expresso’s Strawberry Rhubarb (the Whole pie easily feeds 10+) it’s huge and delicious.
  • Cheri- Out what is listed here...only Break Espresso. We don't really have a "pie" place. Famous Dave's is selling Baker's Square pies now. Haven't tried one.
  • ChristinaBreak Espresso for sure!!

Missoula's Bakeries Also Was Shown Some Love

  • T- Bernice’s
  • Melanie- Bernice's Bakery So many fabulous choices.
  • Julie- Bernice's bakery!
  • Crickett- Bernice’s
  • Jacq- Bernice’s Bakery
  • Allison- Bernice’s or Black Cat or Good Food Store
  • Tarik- Black Cat
  • Debbie- Black Cat! Everything there is delicious!

Missoula's Cafe's and Diners Were Mentioned

  • Kathy- Ruby's
  • Judy- Ruby's Cafe has great homemade pie.
  • Em- Ruby Cafe
  • Jessica- River City Grill in Bonner!
  • Brad- River City Grill
  • Barbara- Paul's
  • Sarah- Ruby's cafe or The Break

If you want to take a drive to enjoy some great pies, there are a few places in Western Montana that got some votes from our listeners.

  • Vini- Glen’s in Florence
  • Laurie- Glen's
  • Betty- Paul's Pancake, Ruby's Cafe but the best... Glen's Cafe in Florence
  • Kurt- Glen's Cafe, Florence!!
  • Jason- The Park Cafe in Saint Mary's on the East side of Glacier, it's just a short drive outside of Missoula.

Fall and Winter in Montana Is A Great Time For Pie

For me the fall and winter in Montana is baking season, and sometimes a person just needs to have the comfort of a good piece of pie.

When is Apple Day in the Bitterroot? When the pies are done!

Behind the scenes in Montana making the best pies under the Big Sky

Gallery Credit: Dennis Bragg

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