The Missoula food and restaurant landscape is changing rapidly. There are restaurants closing, like the Burns Street Bistro, Firehouse Subs, and Brooklyn Bagels. We are also seeing changes like Hoagieville on North Reserve closing, but reports are it is going to be turning into another Frugals. The landscape is changing.

Missoula Has a Variety of Great Eats

Missoula has some pretty fabulous food choices available. The list is long and varied. There are some tasty burgers and steaks There is some great Thai food, Indian food,  and Mexican food. There is one type of restaurant though, that is lacking in Missoula.

We Noticed Missoula is Missing This Type of Restaurant

Lately we were taking a little trip down "memory lane" and were talking about 21 businesses of Missoula's past that we wish we could bring back. As we were looking at the list we noticed that three of the businesses that we would like to see return to Missoula, were seafood restaurants. Joey's Only Seafood, Skipper's and the Chinook. Some of our listeners commented on social media how much they miss seafood restaurants.

Missoula Doesn't Have a Seafood Focused Restaurant

Missoula doesn't have a seafood focused restaurant. Some may consider sushi restaurants, as "seafood" restaurants. I am talking about cooked seafood. Understanding that we are a land-locked state and we are hundreds of miles away from the nearest coast. Other places have overcome that obstacle. Billings, Montana has a Red Lobster. Living in Missoula, I don't get enough seafood. Local grocery stores have good selections of seafood, but the choices in restaurants are minimal. At this point, I would settle for a Red Lobster.

I May Have to Learn To Cook Seafood on My Own

I have never owned a restaurant. I don't claim to know what it would take to operate a seafood restaurant in Missoula, especially in today's food industry climate. Right now it doesn't look like Missoula will be getting a seafood restaurant any time soon. Until then I will have to learn to make some tasty seafood dishes on my own.

21 More Missoula Businesses That We Would Like To Return

We wrote about 24 Missoula businesses that you all said you missed. We thought of 21 more that we think should be brought back.

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