A wonderful opportunity for local artists has become available again in Missoula.

Across Montana, when driving in cities you'll see traffic boxes covered with art. It's actually one of the reasons why I think Missoula and Billings really aren't that different. It can be a little like a game, trying to find all the boxes across Missoula, and I've even found myself giving directions based on the traffic signal boxes. Like, "You know, it's the street with the traffic box that has the giant lemons that look like bicycle wheels," and of course, the other person knows exactly where I'm talking about.

You Can Be the Next Artist Featured on a Missoula Traffic Signal Box

The Public Art Committee through the City of Missoula has put out a call for art for several traffic signal boxes. According to a post on Instagram, they have the following stipulations:

  • Open to Missoula County Residents

  • Submittable application must be fille out along with physical model delivered to the City of Missoula Mayor's Office (435 Ryman St.)

  • 3 boxes avaiable

A peek at the submission form shows that the three locations for the traffic signal boxes will be:

  • Broadway & Van Buren
  • Hwy 10 West - Reserve St. Entrance Northbound
  • Hwy 10 West - Reserve St. Entrance Southbound

You might guess, that these locations, as well as the other locations that already feature art, are located where they will get a fair number of eyeballs.

If you'd like to get some ideas about what you could create, we have a gallery of photos below that features boxes that have already been decorated. You do have some time if you are interested in applying. Public Art Missoula will be accepting applications until June 2, 2023, at 5:00 pm. To apply, visit this link.

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