Driving around Missoula the other day, I was stopped at a red light and my mind started to wander. I looked over at the traffic light box and admired how it was decorated. I started to think about all of the artists that have been involved with the decoration of the boxes. As I continued to drive around town, I started to realize just how many different pieces of art that have been created to cover up big metal boxes all over town. Once I noticed one, I started to look for them at every intersection.  

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I am Thankful For Missoula's Art

An old proverb says "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." if that is true, Missoula has an abundance of beauty in many different places. As I got out of my car and walked around to admire the art at the different locations, I was grateful that we have them in Missoula.  

Thank You To The Artists and Missoula

These pieces of art are something that set Missoula apart from other towns in Montana. Covering traffic light boxes by local artists may not be a new idea, but no town will ever have the same boxes in the same locations as we will.

Artists Appreciate Art in Missoula

Another thing I noticed, as I appreciated the boxes, the ones I saw have been spared being “tagged” or covered in graffiti on the actual art. It looks like others respect them too. I am grateful that we live in a town that appreciates art and the artist. Next time you are stopped at a traffic light, take a look around and admire the time and effort that went into making our city a better place.

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