It doesn't matter how long I live in Missoula, Montana, I'll always feel a swell of pride when I discover a reference to our town in books, cinema, or music.

Just recently, Kelly Clarkson praised Missoula, Montana, Montana women, and Montana Woman Magazine in an interview on her talk show. It felt weird hearing the words "I love Missoula" come out of Kelly Clarkson's mouth on national TV, but Missoula is great and deserves recognition.

And with the news that Mellisa Ethridge and Jewel will be performing in Missoula this summer, it's been fun re-listening to Jewel's song "Missoula" lately, which reminded me I also just came across a song the other day called 'Lake Missoula.'

I thought it was an interesting and specific metaphor for a song, and it got me wondering what other songs have Missoula in the title, and what the lyrics might reference. Take a listen:

Songs With Missoula in the Title

'Lake Missoula' by Richy Mitch & The Coal Miners

Missoula lyric: 'Lake Missoula I'm letting you out!'

'Midnight in Missoula' by Nanci Griffith 

Missoula lyric: 'It's midnight in Missoula'

'Goodbye Old Missoula' by Willis Alan Ramsey

Missoula lyric: 'And it's goodbye to Old Missoula, a day too late'

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'My Missoula Valley Moon' by Wilf Carter

Missoula Lyric: 'Old Missoula Valley is calling me, calling me back home'

'Missoula' by Casiotone for the Painfully Alone

Missoula lyric: 'Tonight Missoula turned its back on me'

There are plenty of other songs about Missoula but we wanted to shout out the songs that namecheck Missoula in the title as well as the lyrics.

BONUS: Songs About Missoula Landmarks

'Kick It on Higgins' by Pallas Athena

Lyrics: 'I'm never tripping I got sandals in my bag', 'I cruise through zoo town'

'Stockmans Bar' by Mission Mountain Wood Band

Lyrics: 'Every time tiny bubbles comes on, the man at the end of the bar is buyin' rounds, This is my kind of place, my kinda people, my kinda town'

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