Montana ski areas have had a rough go of it this season. The weather hasn't cooperated for a great ski season. Some areas didn't fully open their mountains until into January this year, which is a rarity in our state. For those that haven't been able to hit the slopes as much as they would like, here is your chance to live vicariously through one of our own professional skiers who is getting ready to compete in Aspen, CO for the upcoming X-Games this weekend.

Montana Represented at the Upcoming X-Games

Quinn Wolferman will be competing in the 2024 "Ski Knuckle Huck" competition. He was the gold medal winner of this competition in 2022. The competition will be streaming live on I had the chance to speak with Quinn about the upcoming competition, what he has been up to lately, and what he has planned for 2024.

Quinn Wolferman Confident for 2024

I asked him how he was feeling heading up to the upcoming competition.

A lot better than last year. I had ankle surgery 2 summers ago and so coming into the last ski season, I wasn't super confident quite yet. I was debating on even going and ended up making the call to go and a lot of stuff kind of was not working in my favor, so I'm really excited for this year. I'm feeling a lot stronger, a lot more confident, better on the skis and just kind of hoping hopefully it goes my way comparatively. 

Quinn has a new movie that was released today on Youtube called "Shadows Fade". He filmed the movie in multiple locations that are split up between North America (Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Canada) and also filmed in New Zealand.

Q: You have skied all over the world, where is your favorite place to ski?

A: Montana Snowbowl of course.

Q: Where have you had the most fun skiing?

A: That's a tough question. Probably Chamonix in France. I took my mom there last Christmas as a present. She's provided a lot for me as far as skiing so I wanted to give back to her.

Q: Where is the scariest place you have skied?

A: Alaska, I definitely bit off more than I could chew in Alaska last year. This is good example of how scary it was. I went out there and filmed for three days and none of the footage even made the movie because it was that terrifying.

Q: Music plays a big part in your videos and I see you wearing headphones when you compete, what are you listening to, what pumps you up?

A: It's different every time. I'll listen to anything from rap music, to Classic Rock, to classical piano... running a mix between some classical music and some hype music. One to pump me up and one to cool me down.

Q: In your offseason you like to surf, you have been doing that over the past couple years right?

A: Yeah, I have done that for the past three years now, so now I can officially say I am a surfer. I bought my first surfboard this year.

Q: Are there any other competitions you have coming up this year besides the X-Games?

A: Yeah, a couple. I have the "Slush Cup" in this country called Andorra between, Spain and France. It's like "H-O-R-S-E" on skis. It's really fun. Then three of my friends have started a new contest called the "Jib League", that will have three stops. One in Europe, one in Scandinavia and one in California.  So I'll be doing the one in California in April and one in Innsbruck, Austria, February 23rd through the 27th.


This weekend cheer on Quinn Wolferman as he represents Montana in the upcoming X-Games and check out his new movie on Youtube that dropped today. For the entire interview listen below:

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