Let me take a moment to gush about Kelly Clarkson, and then I'll tell you about how she gushes about Montana Woman Magazine, Montana women, and Missoula itself.

I haven't had that many run-ins with celebrities, but when I lived in Billings I found myself in the same coffee shop as Kelly Clarkson and her band.

It was the day before she was supposed to perform and my guess is that she and her band were taking a much-deserved break.

My friend and I noticed her and said to each other, "Oh my gosh, that's Kelly Clarkson over there on that couch," but then went back to our coffee and conversation.

When Kelly and her band got up to leave, my friend got brave, and I got super shy. My friend stopped Kelly as she passed our table and said, "I just want to say that I really love your music."

Kelly immediately smiled. "Oh thank you, that's so nice of you to say."

I sat watching the exchange nodding and smiling, completely starstruck. I watched every episode of the first season of American Idol and teared up when she won. I always wondered if I would get starstruck meeting a celebrity. With her, the answer was a definite yes.

As she talked to my friend, Kelly was confident yet relaxed and didn't seem bothered at all that we had stopped her on the way out of the shop. She engaged in some small talk and then we wished her good luck for her show, which she seemed to genuinely appreciate.

Just today, Kelly Clarkson talked about her love for Montana in an interview on her talk show and showed some of that same genuine appreciation.

Montana Woman Magazine

In a segment called "What I'm Liking" Kelly Clarkson introduces her audience to the owner, editor, and graphic designer of Montana Woman Magazine, Megan Crawford. As she's introducing Megan, she mentions the local affiliate for the Kelly Clarkson Show, which is in Missoula.

"I love Missoula, by the way, college towns are always so fun," Kelly said.

Crawford then shares more about the magazine and the incredible stories they tell. I love the way she describes what the magazine is about. As you'll also see, Kelly Clarkson shares her love for Montana and respect for Montana women.

Take a look:

So let me gush some more. Thank you to Megan for this magazine and the spotlight she shines on the women in our state. Thank you to Kelly Clarkson for shining a light on Megan and for the kind words she says about Montana women. I couldn't be happier to have seen this video today and I hope it makes you feel some Montana pride, too.

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