We're only days away from the 4th of July yet already, you can hear fireworks going off around Missoula. This, of course, can be stressful for humans and animals alike, but what adds complication to this, is that there's some misinformation circulating about the use of fireworks around Missoula County.

City of Missoula - Fireworks Rules

The City of Missoula issued a release in 2023 with clarification about the use of fireworks in the city saying that the "...use of most fireworks in the city of Missoula is illegal," adding that it's prohibited "on open space lands, all U.S. Forest Service lands, in City and County parks, and County-managed recreation areas and at all Fish, Wildlife and Parks fishing access sites." However, "novelty" fireworks are allowed and you can see which types of fireworks this includes at this link.

But a specific statement has caught the attention of Missoula County, and they are setting the record straight.

Missoula County - Fireworks Rules

In a post on Facebook, Missoula County shared a false statement and then corrected it.

In their clarification, they say, "Unlike the City, Missoula County is a general powers government limited to what state law explicitly gives counties the authority to do, and certain conditions must be in place before commissioners can enact fire restrictions on private property."

Consider this a reminder that if you plan to celebrate the 4th of July with fireworks, please familiarize yourself with where it is and is not allowed. Please also be safe. This time last year, my co-host described a 4th of July fire that started in his neighbor's yard (he lives in the city limits). He described the many fuel sources near the fire and acknowledged that it could have been so much worse than it was.

Please celebrate but please also do so responsibly.

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