The pandemic continues to have rippling effects that saw many businesses close. But three years out Missoula’s business landscape is continuing to change—for the better. Not only have there been new businesses that have opened but we’ve seen quite a few established businesses that moved to a new location, renovated, or expanded to a new location. 

There have been even more changes since we wrote about this last year, so we thought we'd provide an update.

An Explosion, a Demolition

We all waited patiently for Frugal’s to reopen after they had an explosion in their building. When they did reopen, the lines wound around the block. We also learned that a favorite watering hole would be getting a makeover. The Magic Silvertip was demolished and a new buildling will be built in its place. 

Two Is Better Than One

We also saw some Missoula businesses decide to take the leap and open a second location. That was the case for Tagliare, Liquid Planet Grille, and Mary's Mountain Cookies. 

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New Locations, New Businesses

Others decided that moving to a new location was the best strategy, as was the case for Scott's EQ Auto Repair and Florence Coffee, and several new businesses opened. Let's just say, if you like dessert and trampolines, Missoula is going to be a deliciously hopping good time for you.

We've combined the updates from 2020-2022 with updates from the last year. Keep reading to learn about the 45 Missoula businesses that opened, expanded, changed ownership, or changed location in the last three years.

45 Missoula Businesses That Opened, Changed Ownership, Expanded, or Changed Location

Yes, there has been a lot of change with Missoula businesses since 2020. Here is an idea of the business growth that has taken place.

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