A business on SW Higgins Ave will begin a months-long rebuilding process after the more than 40-year-old building is demolished this month. The business location will close on March 20. After equipment and inventory are removed, abatement and demolition will begin the following week.

The Silvertip Casino, or Magic Diamond Silvertip, is owned by Town Pump Inc. with headquarters in Butte, Montana. Town Pump Inc. owns over 10 casino locations in Missoula and one sports bar.

Silvertip Casino Missoula
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Bill McGladdery, Director of Corporate Communications for Town Pump Inc. says the building that currently houses the Silvertip Casino is "at the end of its life."

"It was not an easy decision," McGladdery explains. "The challenges we came upon when renovating just kept adding up, and so it made more sense to rebuild."

Plans for the Rebuilding Project

It's estimated that the rebuild will take approximately eight months. According to McGladdery, current employees will be moved to other Town Pump Casinos during the construction phase and then will return to the new Magic Diamond Silvertip when the building is complete. That way, as McGladdery added, "customers can see familiar faces."

The New Facility

Photo Courtesy of Town Pump Inc
Photo Courtesy of Town Pump Inc

The new facility, which will sit on the corner of Bancroft street at SW Higgins, has been rendered above. The new facility will include 20 machines, a liquor store, and a lounge area.

I think once the new building is up it’s going to be a nice addition," McGladdery says. 

Originally, plans for the existing casino to close would take place on March 6, however, as noted above the updated timeline indicates the casino will close on March 20.

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