Social media is everywhere, it is hard to avoid. We have been following the stories about the social media platform TikTok and how it is set to be outlawed in Montana by January 1st, 2024. Governor Greg Gianforte has signed the bill to make it law. We had the privilege to talk with him about that topic and more.

Social Media in Montana

Some people look at social media as a waste of time. Some look at it as a way to stay in touch with others and connect with people all over the world. It can be useful tool and it can just be a waste of time. It can be serious and it can be entertaining and every once in a while a video will come along that will make me laugh.

Montana Social Media Can be Very Funny

As I was scrolling the other day, I saw this video that was describing Billings, Montana. It started out like most videos that are describing a place, with a picture of the globe and then zooming in on Billings. Then the video took a turn and became really funny.

Billings Montana is Not Really Like That

If you have ever been to Billings or have spent any time in Montana at all you can see how this video is just funny. These are the kind of videos that I appreciate. I would love to see someone watch this video and decide to come and visit Billings. They will be in for a pretty rude awakening. It's another example of the way that people, TV shows, movies have made Montana look much different than it actually is. This video just took it to an absurd level, and I appreciate the maker, @wyomingcarguy for that.

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