Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - On May 16, 2023, at around 11:21 p.m., Dispatch received a call from a male that stated he was homeless and bleeding from the head. The male indicated he'd been assaulted. He stated he was at Greenough Park under the highway.  

Missoula Police Department Officer arrived at the I-90 underpass the runs over Greenough Ave. and the Rattlesnake Creek. The officer walked on the east side of the creek where homeless persons are known to camp. The officer walked under I-90, shined his flashlight, and he saw an arm extend as if to flag him down.  

The officer discovered a male covered in blood. The blood appeared to be coming from the top of his head and there was a pool of blood underneath the male where he laid on his side. 

The officer requested medical personnel to respond to his location. The victim was holding the hood of his jacket to his head in an attempt to control the bleeding. At one point, he sat up and blood started gushing down his face, so the officer asked him to lay back down on his side. When he sat up, the officer observed a large gash on the top of his head consistent with being struck by an object with an edge. 

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Victim Explains What Happened 

The victim told the officer the following: "First he beat me in the face and then he got on top of me.” The victim said he attempted to cover up, but the suspect kept hitting him. The officer asked the victim if the suspect used an object to strike him. The victim responded, "I think he might've grabbed a rock, I don't know."  

The victim did not know the identity of the male suspect. The victim further told the officer, "I let him use my phone to call his girlfriend." The victim explained that he didn't have much of a charge on his phone and told the suspect, "Hey I need my phone back". At this point, the victim described the suspect as "flipping out on him".  

The officer then asked which way the suspect fled. The victim pointed southbound down the trail along the creek. When pressed further for a description of the male he stated something to the effect of, "It's the only Native American tent." 

The Officer Locates the Suspect 

Other officers responded and located a Native American male in a tent approximately 20 yards down the trail. The male suspect denied knowing anything about any assault. An officer asked the male to step outside to speak with them, but the suspect stated that he knew his rights and that he would not step outside the tent. 

After considerable difficulty, the male was identified as 37-year-old Raymond James Head. Head told the officers that he was on probation. An officer informed Head that he was being detained as part of their investigation. Head then indicated that he would not leave with officers. 

At this time, another officer relayed some more suspect descriptors provided by the victim. The victim stated that the suspect had long hair and a scarred face as if scarred by acne. Head had very long black hair and a noticeable pot-marked face that appeared to be from acne. Based on the totality of the circumstances, the officer now believed that Probable Cause existed to arrest Head for aggravated assault. 

Suspect Attempts to Escape 

An officer detained Head in two sets of handcuffs and began walking him toward their patrol cars. Officers had made it approximately 20 paces north on the trail when Head attempted to run into the rushing creek to escape.  

An officer still had a grasp on the handcuffs and threw Head to the ground to prevent him from running into the creek. Head landed on the trail up against a small embankment. Head was transported to Saint Patrick Hospital so he could be medically cleared before being taken to jail. Head was quickly cleared and was transported to the Missoula County Detention Facility.  

While Head was at the hospital, an officer contacted probation and parole who asked officers to hold Head on a probation violation. Head is currently being charged with felony aggravated assault, felony escape, resisting arrest, and obstructing a peace officer. 

The information in this article was obtained from sources that are publicly viewable.

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