Craigslist is a very useful tool. At some point, most of us have used it to find an apartment, job, vehicle, or even used video games. But what about freshly shaved women's hair?

I'll be the first to admit that I shamelessly scroll the Missoula missed connections. It's like a soap opera in your own town. Did that cute girl from the coffee shop ever read the post about her? What about the nice gentleman that helped the single mother change her tire on I-90? Did he ever read the post and take here out?

And then there is this.

Shawn Whitney
Missoula Craigslist Missed Connection

This could be the greatest Missoula missed connection ever posted, de-throning the previous winner in my opinion.

Now, before we all get on the super creepy train driven by this conductor, let's take a second to think. Maybe there is a good/honest reason for this post? Here are some scenarios that could innocently explain this.

  • This person might be studying cosmetology or hairdressing of some sort
  • Maybe they want to donate the hair to charity?
  • What if the author really does want to save women, and women only a few dollars on shaving their body hair? As they clearly stated, "no dudes".

Now, while those might be actual reasons for posting, here is where they truly lose me. The author states it has to be a female only. Again, no dudes. Also, the ad doesn't mention WHAT hair on a woman's body. That has to be red flag #476, right?! Is it all of it? All of your body hair?

If anyone is brave enough to take this person up on their offer, it might be a good idea to bring some sort of security with you, and of course, call into the show to tell the world exactly what was shaved and why.

If you're still thinking this is a joke, you can see the real post right HERE.


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