The term AI seems to be popping up everywhere in the last few months. Since the creation of AI like Chat GPT, the way we create and receive information has changed dramatically. Now, things like creating an impressive ad campaign for a product no longer take a team of 5 experts to produce. Using AI, a person can create a visually stunning advertisement for their product in minutes.

As impressive as it may be, I still see it as 5  more people losing their jobs to AI.

According to CNBC

According to a recent report of 750 business leaders using AI from ResumeBuilder, 37% say the technology replaced workers in 2023. Meanwhile, 44% report that there will be layoffs in 2024 resulting from AI efficiency. According to Asana’s State of AI at Work 2023 report, employees say that 29% of their work tasks are replaceable by AI. However, Asana is a proponent of what it calls “human-centered AI,” which seeks to enhance human abilities and collaboration, not replace people outright.

Is your job at risk of being replaced by AI technology?

Let's take my career for example. Radio broadcasting has been around since the dawn of the 20th century. Technology has advanced so much over the last century. Radio has been hit by the invention of records, cassettes, CDs, and MP3s. Yet millions of Americans always listen to the radio every day. WHY? Because of the people and personalities behind the mic spinning the music. There is a REAL person you can connect with on the radio. But, any computer can play music, so why do we need a radio DJ?

AI is already searching for ways to create a realistic-sounding and relatable "radio personality" that sounds just like your local radio announcers. Companies like Spotify have even created their own internet radio stations, complete with AI announcers.

Needless to say, broadcasting is on the list of jobs that AI could someday replace.

What jobs are NOT at risk of being taken over by robots? Specifically, what MONTANA jobs are least at risk of being replaced by AI?

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