Making a living in Montana isn't always easy. There are some jobs available that pay very well and make Montana an attractive place for some people to make their home and start a career.

Montana is Attractive For Medical Workers

Montana is very attractive these days to employees in medical fields. According to some studies, Montana is the best place in the country to be a doctor. Montana also ranks in the top 5 best states for becoming a nurse.

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It would make sense that Montana's 2 highest salaried jobs would be related to the medical field in one form or another. According to, Montana's highest paying job is a neurologist. They also looked at how much more a neurologist makes in Montana compared to the national average salary for that same position. Montana neurologists make 49.53% more than the national average salary of neurologists.

Each States Highest Paying Job vs the National Average

The Second Highest Paying Job

The second highest salaried job in Montana, according to, is also in the field of medicine. It is obstetricians and gynecologists, and they make 40.39% more than the average salary for those positions in the U.S.

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According to Zip Recruiter, there are other high paying jobs in Montana. They range from working outdoors to the medical field, becoming a pilot and more.

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Curiously absent from this list of the highest paying professions in Montana is "radio announcer". That's ok, I never got into the radio business to be rich, I got into it for the occasionally free radio station t-shirts.

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