Montana has the nickname of the "Big Sky State" and if you ever have the chance to get out of the city, you may be able to experience the majesty and amazing views of the night sky. It can be filled with so many stars that it can take your breath away. That isn't all that is out there.

Drones Will Be in the Sky

A little closer to earth in Stevensville, Montana over the next few weeks there will be drones taking flight. Further up in the sky this past week Montana has been treated to some pretty amazing Aurora Borealis, also known Northern Lights. There will also be a total eclipse happening across parts of the United States coming up in 2024. Not all the thigs in space that are visible are natural phenomena. Some of what we can see in space is, of course, man-made.

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ISS Workers Mistake Can be Seen From Montana

There are a lot of satellites, in space. Doing surveillance, communications, keeping track of where your phone is at all times and so much more. There is also the International Space Station (ISS) up there. You can see the ISS with the naked eye, even here in Montana when the skies are clear. \

Just recently something occurred, that I am not sure has happened before. During a recent space walk, a tool bag came untethered. It is now following along the orbit of the space station. With just a pair of binoculars, and if the sky is just right, you should be able to see it from Montana according to EarthSky. It's because it is so reflective, it can catch the sunlight and you can see it from Earth.

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What Will Happen to the Tool Bag?

The tool bag is estimated to stay in orbit around the Earth until around March 2024. It is expected to disintegrate as it enters the Earth's atmosphere. So for the next few months when you look into the sky, if the timing and lighting is right, grab those binoculars because you may be able to see something we may not see again in our lifetime.

This Happens All the Time in Montana

How many times does this happen in Montana, a tool bag or box gets dumped on the side of the road. Someone forgets to close a tailgate on a truck or puts the toolbox on the trunk of a car and drives off. It looks like this can happen to astronauts too.

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